Neil Bradbury

Neil BradburyMr Neil Bradbury is a director of SportsMed Europe Ltd which aims to provide high quality, complete Orthopaedic and medical solutions to patients with sports injuries and lower limb problems.

SportsMed Europe Ltd can provide a fully integrated medical service to patients with sporting injuries or arthritis of the lower limb from specialist physiotherapy advice through to surgery and rehabilitation.

“Whether you are a senior person with arthritis who wants to live a full and active life or a sports person who wants to return to competition we aim to ensure you receive the very best treatment from highly qualified caring professionals.”

“We use innovative surgical techniques for the management of arthritis such as half or Uni-compartment knee replacement, patello-femoral (knee cap joint) replacement, osteotomy as well as performing total knee replacement and “custom fit” or “shape matched” knee replacement. For sports knee injuries we use keyhole surgery, ligament reconstruction and offer new techniques such as cartilage transplantation.”

“Surgery is only part of what is required to return patients to full function and our physiotherapy specialists can provide advice on preparing for surgery and returning to a normal life afterwards, and ensure patients receive physiotherapy treatment close to home.”